Best Online Diet Programs

Notice this article focuses on online diet programs and reviews the best of them to help you decide which is best for you. Losing weight is a personal journey that takes planning, commitment and determination. So I know that having the best tools to do the job is important, which is why this page can be extremely useful to you.

I can tell you that there are many different ways of reducing your body weight through what you eat and how much exercise you get, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Getting good advice, on-going mentoring and support as well as the best nutritional information is critical to your success.

That's why I think it's such a great ides to sign up with one of the top online diet programs to get all the help you will need. Not only do they provide you with the right information to steer you in the right direction, but they also provide you with invaluable motivation to stay with it.


For anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and doesn't have the time or the inclination to spend time in the kitchen preparing and cooking their own diet meals, Nutrisystem is a cheap and effective alternative. This works by having all the meals you will need to eat in order to lose weight for a four week period shipped to your home.

The meal quality is passable, with the majority of meals being the processed kind. They contain additives just like the ready meals you buy a the supermarket, with the difference that they are low in calories and nutritionally balanced to facilitate the effective reduction in body weight. The month's consignment also comes with 30% fresh frozen main meals which are of better quality.

This is a program for anyone who is on a tight budget but still wants to enjoy the freedom from cooking and the hassle of shopping for food but still needs to lose a varying amount of weight depending on individual circumstances. The meals will be fine for anyone who is used to eating a lot of ready meals, takeaway food and junk food--the main reason they got overweight in the first place!

However, it is NOT suited to people who like good, home cooked meals, simply because they will not like the taste of processed food!

The company often runs big money off promotions that promise deals such as 40% off the regular price, which is great if you intend to stay on the program for two months or longer. You are placed on an auto-delivery system that will keep shipping subsequent month's of food until you tell them to stop. You can happily cancel before month three is shipped with no penalty.

Warning: If your intention is to take the discount and then cancel before your second month's shipment arrives, you are in for a nasty shock. Nutrisystem will bill you for the difference between the regular price and the discount you took plus the cost of shipping as an early cancellation fee! So if you only want to try Nutrisystem for a single month, you need to pay full price and then there is no penalty.

The cost of the program is what makes it so attractive to dieters. For less than $10 a day (2012 prices), you get all the food you will need to successfully lose those excess pounds. That's a pretty good deal even without the discount!


Similar to Nutrisystem in its layout, diet meal selection and programming, Medifast is another top home delivery diet program that is easy to use and relatively inexpensive to be on. There are several different plans to choose from with a wide selection to suit different needs.

Whether you are a vegetarian, diabetic, have certain allergies or are unable to eat certain food groups or individual items, Medifast will have a customizable diet plan that will provide you with a varied and interesting daily menu that is easy to work with and to stick to.

Weight Watchers

Everyone who hasn't been living shipwrecked on a desert island for the last few decades has heard of Weight Watchers. Most will be familiar with the way in which they help people to lose weight through a diet and lifestyle strategy that has proven successful for huge numbers of people.

The diet is based on the calories in, calories out strategy although in recent years it has moved away from referring directly to calories and instead labels food with points. Same thing, its just you are allowed to use so many points each day, which really just equates to calories and some other factors such as the levels of unhealthy fats and sugar in foods.

It's not the cheapest program online for dieters, but has a long and established track record that is hard to ignore. There is a massive member forum that provides peer support and while results are never guaranteed, if you stick with the plan, you will lose weight.

Get into the swing of Weight Watchers with this great pocket guide to keep you on track and your goal in sight.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a diet program that started life in France where its creator, Dr Pierre Dukan introduced it to a population that already eats quite healthily but were still open to losing a few pounds. Its popularity exploded as over a million French people signed up and started losing weight with the program.

Now its available on both sides of the Atlantic and is proving to be popular wherever it goes. In a similar format to another popular system, the South beach Diet, Dukan sets out the diet in four stages. The first two get the body burning fat for energy by restricting carbohydrates, while the second two set the dieter up for the long term maintenance of their weight through healthy eating.

Very effective dieting system, although there is little in the way of personalization. There is an online member's section where peer support is available through a forum while there is access to professional nutritional experts who can answer questions.

Bistro MD

This is a diet program for those who don't have time to make their own meals. Instead of creating your own meals from a diet sheet, you simply place an order with Bistro MD (select from their pretty large menu) and they prepare them and package them for you. Food is delivered to the home in five or seven day batches of three meals per day.

The meal quality is high, as meals are prepared and cooked upon order and then frozen fresh for shipping. The customer stores the meals in their freezer and takes each individual meal out when they are ready to eat it. They simply heat the food up in a microwave when it's ready to eat.

This is one of the more expensive alternatives, but is also one of the most convenient ways of dieting to lose weight, Meals are portion controlled and provide the correct level of calories per day to ensure a calorie deficit and therefore weight reduction. They are low in additives when compared to alternatives such as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem (their meals are mainly processed or freeze dried) and actually taste pretty good!

There is no long term membership necessary and orders are weekly and can be cancelled at any time. Bistro MD is a good choice if you don't like the processed meals that some other companies provide and don't want to tie yourself into a multiple month contract.


There are several well known diet meal delivery companies operating in the United States that are able to take your order wherever you may be, at least on the mainland and ship your meals to your home. One such company is eDiets and as you can probably get from the name, they are a web based business. In this eDiets review, we take a look at what they have to offer dieters and what makes them worth considering as a viable weight loss solution.

First off, it is important to realize that companies that provide ready made diet meals for their clients do specialize in help those people who really don't have the free time available for devoting to a regular diet. For people who can work with a regular diet that involves preparing and cooking your own diet meals from a diet sheet that has been prepared by a professional, you probably don't need the services of this kind of company.


For everyone else who doesn't have the time or patience to prepare and cook those low calorie, carefully weighed and meted out meals themselves, there is eDiets. This company is especially good for people who like to eat tasty, good quality meals and don't mind having someone else do all the hard work for them. That's so they can come home from a hard day at the office and simply grab a meal from the fridge, microwave it for a couple minutes and then sit down to a decent meal that will also help them to lose some weight!

The idea back of this system is one of simplicity coupled with sheer convenience. It saves a huge amount of time and really is perfect for people who would rather spend what free time they do have enjoying more interesting pursuits than slaving away in a hot kitchen. Just think what you could be doing!

The Diet

So what does the diet comprise?

You get the choice of whether you want to order a full week of meals to cover all seven days, with three main meals per day plus additional snacks, or just five days in the week and have weekends off. You get started by signing up with the company via their website, then choosing the meals you want from their extensive menu. You can either do this manually and choose individual meals, or you can make life a little easier and choose one of the specially tailored plans, of which there around twenty and let the company assign you the most appropriate meals for your needs.

Once you have chosen your meals or plan, then place your order and sit back and wait for delivery which comes in a few days. You do have to remember to re-order before the end of the week to ensure you get your next week's order in before the start of the subsequent week, or you can opt for an auto delivery system which does it automatically and charges your credit time for each week of meals despatched.

Upon receipt of your package, you simply store the meals in your fridge to keep them fresh for the week. Then eat the food at the appropriate times and watch the weight drop off. It really is that simple!

The South Beach Diet

For most people who have allowed themselves to get overweight, the prospect of having to lose several pounds or more is never a very appealing one to say the least. Some people make the effort in a round about way, while others will look at the options and either try something or slump back down on the sofa and switch the TV on as if they were resigned to life as a slob.

There are plenty of options for anyone who is willing to put a little effort into maintaining their physical health. Dieting is a much more exact science than it was thirty or so years ago and there are many very sophisticated diet plans that can really help people to lose weight.

One such plan is the South Beach Diet that many people have tried and been pleasantly surprised at the great results they got with it. If you ever thought of losing weight with the South Beach Diet, you might want to first check it out online and read a few reviews before committing to something that will take up a reasonable amount of your time and energy.

If it looks like something you think might fit in with your lifestyle and it appears like you have what it takes to stick with it, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not give it your best shot. After all, if you really want to lose some weight, then this is one of the better ways in which to do it.


The kind of lifestyle that you lead really does make a difference to whether you are likely to lose weight through a decent diet plan or not. With all the will in the world, if you do not have sufficient spare time to devote to your diet commitment, then you will likely fail. But that doesn't mean that all diets will fail you.

There is a particular genre of diet that is specially designed to work even for very busy people and that is those that fall under the umbrella of diet meal delivery programs. These programs are specially formulated to maximise your time by taking very little of it while still enabling you to eat healthily while losing weight.

What is Diet-to-Go?

If it is easy weight loss that you are searching for, then Diet-to-Go is the one to find. They provide a wide range of weight loss services and resources on their website, but the side of the program that attracts most people is the great ready made meals that they ship direct to your home in packages designed to provide four meals per day over a period of five or seven days.

The meals can be chosen from their vast menu to suit just about every need and the plans are divided into around 20 different programs specific to certain groups or needs. If that weren't enough, those plans are also customizable to suit personal tastes. This means that Diet-to-Go customers can lose weight simply by eating the meals provided that they have chosen from such a diverse menu that they get a different meal each day and one that suits them and their needs.

Meal Delivery Explained

The meal delivery system used by Diet-to-Go is relatively simple to understand. Once you have decided upon your plan and tailored the menu to suit your tastes, the order goes in and the company chefs go ahead and prepare the meals. They are then packaged in a cold box with get packs to keep the food fresh and that is despatched to your home.

You then store the meals in your fridge and then take each meal as you need it, heat it up and then eat! That's about how simple it is and there really is not much more to tell on that score.

You might want to know that the food is prepared in the company's USDA-inspected kitchen by qualified chefs and the preparation is overseen by a qualified dietitian. All the meals are preservative free and also trans fats free. You can choose from over 100 different meals set out across the several different plans, so you are sure to find one to suit your personal needs.

The rest is pretty simple, really. As long as you stick to the diet meals and don't cheat with snacks, then you will lose weight. The food is low in calories while being healthy, nutritious and balanced across the proteins - carbs - fats - fiber sectors and is designed to help stimulate your metabolism while helping you to reduce your body weight through burning more calories than you are eating. That's how to lose weight the easy, convenient way!


While it's a relative newcomer to the online diet world, Fitium is already showing its pedigree by getting doctors and nutritionists on board to endorse the program and provide a professional backing for a system that works. Its member base is growing day by day and people are generating a buzz about the program.

What can you expect from signing up to this highly effective and affordable alternative to the likes of Weight watchers?

This program doesn't waste your time with a generic, one size fits all diet menu as so many programs do. They recognize that people have individual needs when it comes to the kind of food that is most beneficial to their losing weight effectively.

Fitium is therefore tailored to the individual's needs and provides a customized program of diet menu and schedule along with a fitness and exercise program to compliment it. It is highly effective and more and more people are getting involved with it because they are seeing results far above and beyond what other programs are reporting.

There is a growing member forum for peer support and mutual motivation and it provides a great place to ask questions and get answers promptly. One of the best new programs for losing weight and keeping it off for the long term.

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