The Cost of Dieting

Quite often when it comes to deciding upon a viable weight loss diet solution, the cost becomes a major factor in that decision process. Some diets can be very expensive, especially those that do all the work for you as in the case of Jenny Craig or Diet-to-Go, whole others are less expensive and even economically very attractive such as Nutrisystem or Medifast.

cost of dietingThe more conventional diets where you prepare and cook all of your own meals from a diet sheet can be very cheap, especially if the diet sheet comes from a diet book you bought at the bookstore or even free if you got it from a public library! A more individually prepared personal diet sheet from a nutritionist will of course cost the price of the professional consultations but will be more effective if you stick to them.

Convenience versus Cost

When you need to lose weight in the most convenient and simple manner possible, the option of using the very popular and long established diet delivery company such as Nutrisystem can be very tempting. It is certainly a simple way to lose weight, but what is the cost of this least costly of the diet food delivery programs?

Being able to have all your meals delivered to your home and not having to prepare any food or weigh and measure ingredients, or even count calories is a very interesting concept. It is one that many thousands of dieters make use of to lose weight all the time.

But what is the overall cost in terms of not just hard cash, but also in the return on your investment by the amount of weight you can lose? This is something that has some dieters thinking hard about, because it can mean the difference between getting out their credit card and signing up, or not.

The Reality

In reality, there is no catch to this weight loss system and you really do get what you pay for. The meals are reasonable, considering the limitations of pre-packaged meals but the real advantage is that the price you pay is offset by the fact that you don't need to buy any regular food for a whole month.

With most people spending a great deal more per day on the food that is making them fat, switching to the low calorie, healthy and high nutrition option of Nutrisystem at a comparable or even lower cost is highly attractive.

In fact, many people really do find that the cost of the Nutrisystem diet they signed up for is comparable to how much they were spending on their regular food, so it ends up costing nothing, or very little. The success rate is fairly high for those that stick to the diet and don't cheat.

This is as should be expected from a weight loss diet company with a big reputation to uphold. So the cost in terms of success makes this kind of diet well worth the monetary outlay. And when it works out even cheaper than eating the food that had been causing you to be overweight in the first place, it really is a big win!

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