Raw Food Diet

There are many ways in which you can alter you diet to make a vast improvement in your overall physical health. One of these is including a lot of raw food in your diet. In fact, the raw food diet has been a fairly popular one amongst those actively losing weight for its metabolism boosting and added calorie burning properties.

Let's take a look at why the inclusion of many raw foods and this type of diet in particular is such a health booster.

More Nutritious

From a nutritional point of view, it is quite obvious that eating vegetables raw instead of cooked with provide many more of the nutrients that the crops contain. This is because cooking tends to deplete a lot of those nutrients and indeed, boiling vegetables in water for any length of time allows most of the goodness to leech into the water, which is then poured away.

Instead of allowing all that goodness to be poured away down the plughole, people have caught on to the realization that many vegetables are not only healthier eaten raw, but they actually taste better too!

What About Canned Food?

Notice that we have so far only concentrated on vegetables as the mainstay of raw food diets. There are other things that can be eaten raw and a greater health benefit obtained from them as a result.Most fruit is naturally eaten raw, but many people tend to opt for canned or pulped fruit when they shop for food.

Generally, canning robs the fruit of many of its nutrients and the pulping process does little to retain the bulk of those important nutrients. So that leaves having to go to the fruiterer and buying real apples, pears, peaches etc and eating them as they were meant to be eaten!

While fruit and vegetables are great to eat in their raw state, what about other the sectors of our diet?

What Should Still Be Cooked?

Obviously, meat should be cooked not only for aesthetic reasons, but to destroy any lingering bacteria that may be present. Many cases of food poisoning are caused by salmonella or other bacteria that had not been destroyed completely because of meat being incorrectly or partially cooked. Few meats are eaten raw, although there are some and they include smoked or cured meats such as Parma ham or Jamon Serrano.

Fish is a little more forgiving, although many types of fish are not very palatable when eaten raw. The exceptions would be herring when smoked or pickled in vinegar (roll mops), anchovies, smoked salmon etc.

There are other areas of diet where foods can be eaten raw, such as certain mushrooms, nuts, seeds and freshly picked pulses. These provide a great deal of protein and minerals as well as in the case of flax seeds and walnuts a rich source of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.

Making Digestion a Fat Burning Process

The main idea behind eating a raw food diet for weight loss is in the way the body digests its food. It takes a lot more energy to digest raw food than to digest cooked food.

This is because the body has to work harder to break down the food before it can be processed, whereas cooking does some of the job beforehand. The extra work involved in digesting raw food forces the body to burn more energy (calories), thereby using more of the incoming calories as fuel.

That means less to store for later and in the case where the person is also exercising, that can be enough to tip the balance into a negative net calorie intake, resulting in weight loss.

All in all, eating a selection of foods raw is healthy for many reasons as already mentioned and a good way to boost your body's metabolism and improve its uptake of nutrients. This can only benefit a person from a health perspective and is a good recommendation for anyone who wishes to make improvements in those areas.

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Visitor Comments

From time to time we get visitors leave comments on certain aspects of health. Below are those specific to this article:

From: Nicole

Hi- I read your article on the raw diet and where your paragraph about fish starts, you mention smoked herring (I think kippered is the same, yes?). Is smoked fish ALLOWED on the raw diet? I will be starting it tomorrow and would be very grateful for your reply :) thank you, Nicole

From: Admin

Hi Nicole,

The article was mainly aimed at any kind of diet where raw foods are used, not necessarily the actual "Raw Food Diet". You'd need to check with the version of that diet you're doing to see if any raw fish is allowed.

Generally, I would include something like smoked herring once a week because its a good source of omega 3 (but check with your diet sheet first). Kippers are usually eaten grilled, so they don't technically count!

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